Effective communication – Teaching and learning strategies

Summary Purpose Objectives Summary The purpose of good communication is to get the right message to the right people in the right way. It sounds simple, but many people fail to organize their communications properly, leading to misunderstanding, frustration and missed opportunities. More than ever before, its importance is heightened by the fact that the whole world has now become a global village due to the development of modern technology. The place of effective communication is so central and indispensable in the classroom teaching and learning process. Teachers…

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Inclusive Education through Arts

Summary Objectives Summary “Creativity concerns what we do with our abilities”,David. N.  Perkins, “The Mind’s best work”,1942Different people learn in different ways. Each of us develops his or her learning style, capacities, preferences, and limitations. Some prefer to start with practical action and then reflect on what does or does not work, others prefer to have the theoretical explanation first. It’s important to learn how to combine positive sides of different personal styles and different methodological approaches to reach as many people as possible. We learn from our…

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CLIL: Language as tool for innovation and effectiveness in teaching

Summary Purpose Objectives Summary Contemporary teaching requires up to date methods and tools. Teachers nowadays are not playing the role of the traditional master of knowledge anymore, but they are the medium and the guide in the process of acquiring the new knowledge. CLIL teaching method (Content and Language Integrated Learning) constitutes the key in methodizing the teaching act through the tools it offers to teachers worldwide. CLIL method is designed in order to make the teaching act on the one hand innovative and on the other hand…

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Met Vet

MET-VET is an Erasmus+ KA220-VET-73F8B619 project that aims to turn VET centres into advocates of the “greening process” by developing an innovative set of tools that support environmental awareness among VET learners and their educators through metacognition.Here is what we are going to develop in the next two years(from 2022 to 2024: Metacognition for Environmental Thinking Competence Framework “Metacognition for an Environmental Approach to VET” Learner and Facilitator MOOC VET Reflective Digital Story Library and Creation Guide VET Metacognition Change Management Toolkit 

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In the Flipped Classroom

"Applying knowledge before class as a means for an active education." Summary Purpose Objectives Summary Flipped learning is a pedagogical approach in which the conventional notion of classroombased learning is inverted, so that students are introduced to the learning material before class with classroom time then being used to deepen understanding through discussion with peers and problem-solving activities facilitated by teachers. Fast forward to the present and the dramatic growth of online content creation, collaboration and distribution tools provide practitioners with an accessible toolkit for delivering flipped learning.…

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