In the age of digitization of public and private life, it is essential for the reading skills to be enriched with new semiotic modes helping students to adapt to the new social reality. In parallel, Europe fronts mass displacements and relocations of populations creating multicultural societies and educational environments. Thus, the teaching of language is needed to be approached in a multimodal way, while simultaneously is aimed at the students transformation through a critical analysis of discourses, the realization of their reality, and the production of new multimodal projects which will demonstrate their personal concerns and their lifeworlds in the global multimedia community.

This course aims to present cartoons as an alternative communicational and educational tool that helps students to express themselves about their personal experiences over social issues, to rethink their society and their personal point of view about it.


  • Learn the new literacy models
  • Present how teachers can use new media tools in their classrooms
  • Introduce cartoons as a semiotic mode and communicational resource
  • Enable teachers to use cartoon as educational tool


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