Roscommon Youth Service 2

He Roscommon Youth Service 2 project KA152-YOU-4DF209E4 aims to provide opportunities for personal growth and learning to disadvantaged young people, including those with intellectual disabilities. Participants will travel to Ireland, Greece and Spain to gain exposure, build skills and broaden networks.Objectives:-Build confidence and independence in participants through new experiences.-Develop language, digital, learning and interpersonal skills.-Increase understanding of social inclusion, cultural diversity and European citizenship.-Connect with other youth to share challenges and solutions.-Gain knowledge of education, employment and youth work in other countries.Outcomes:Increased confidence, independence and life skills in…

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The Gender-RLE-Gender-SE project KA210-SCH-493C327F aims to promote gender equality and inclusion within education systems and learning environments across Europe. Partners in Germany, Turkey and Greece will develop standards, resources and training enabling educators to implement gender-responsive practices.Objectives:-Develop standards for gender equality in partner schools.-Create checklists for inclusive learning environments.-Offer MOOC training teachers in gender-sensitive teaching.-Gain input from youth focus groups.Expected outcomes:Standards for gender equality in partner institutionsChecklists for gender-responsive classroomsMOOC training teachers in gender-sensitive teachingYouth focus groups providing recommendationsThe project translates policy into practice through collaborative resource and…

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The E-DEI in VET project KA210-VET-000100598 promotes diversity and inclusion in vocational education and training (VET) across Europe. Discrimination in VET perpetuates broader social inequities, so inclusion is crucial.Using an "expansion approach", the project builds understanding between groups. Partners from Greece and Italy develop resources enabling VET trainers to implement diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) practices.Objectives:-Reduce discrimination in VET and workplaces.-Train VET trainees and professionals in DEI.-Share best practices.Outcomes:Methodology and handbook for applying DEI in VET.Video lessons and eLearning platform.Pilot training workshop.The project equips VET to shape inclusive…

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The  STEAMDIVE project KA220-SCH-000086968 aims to promote inclusion, diversity and creative thinking in education through innovative uses of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics). The project will develop an integrated set of educational resources focused on diversity, accessible to schools across Europe.  A central part of the project involves developing a comprehensive STEAM for Diversity curriculum. This curriculum provides learning activities and lesson plans for integrating topics of inclusion, empathy and cultural diversity within STEM subjects for secondary school students. The curriculum adopts a chapter-based framework, with…

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Met Vet

MET-VET is an Erasmus+ KA220-VET-73F8B619 project that aims to turn VET centres into advocates of the “greening process” by developing an innovative set of tools that support environmental awareness among VET learners and their educators through metacognition.Here is what we are going to develop in the next two years(from 2022 to 2024: Metacognition for Environmental Thinking Competence Framework “Metacognition for an Environmental Approach to VET” Learner and Facilitator MOOC VET Reflective Digital Story Library and Creation Guide VET Metacognition Change Management Toolkit 

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Description Details Partners Description The main objective of the IAEJE project is to use artificial intelligence as an enabler of the employability and autonomy of young Europeans. The project has partners from Turkey, Portugal, Greece, France and Romania and will last for 32 months. These countries will develop four hackathons, which will result in the creation of a digital platform dedicated to young Europeans’ employability promotion. The hackathons will focus on three major areas: • Health, artificial intelligence and ethics; • Digitization and entrepreneurship; • Heritage conservation. The expected results…

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