The E-DEI in VET project KA210-VET-000100598 promotes diversity and inclusion in vocational education and training (VET) across Europe. Discrimination in VET perpetuates broader social inequities, so inclusion is crucial.

Using an “expansion approach”, the project builds understanding between groups. Partners from Greece and Italy develop resources enabling VET trainers to implement diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) practices.


-Reduce discrimination in VET and workplaces.

-Train VET trainees and professionals in DEI.

-Share best practices.


  • Methodology and handbook for applying DEI in VET.
  • Video lessons and eLearning platform.
  • Pilot training workshop.

The project equips VET to shape inclusive societies valuing diversity. Focusing on mindsets and connections, it drives systemic change in vocational education across Europe.

Through expansion of thinking and relationships within VET systems, the E-DEI in VET project works to implement sustainable change that will open up opportunities regardless of ability, gender, age, ethnicity or background. Building understanding through sharing of knowledge and experiences, the project aims to reduce discrimination and promote inclusion across European communities and workplaces over the long term.