Erasmus Plus Courses KA1 Crete Greece

Our Erasmus Plus KA1 courses are carefully designed to address professional needs and develop skills using innovative teaching methods and strategies. We use active learning methods in order to maximize benefits for the participants and enable them to start using the new skills straight ahead.

We organize our courses in Crete Greece, which is one of the most beautiful location in the world.

Intercultural Education

Psychological-social adjustment and learning of students of various national and cultural groups In order to address the problems encountered in recent decades after the influx

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Environmental Education

Environmental Education (EE) aims at teaching children from a young age to be environmentally aware, offering the perfect chance for educators to build lifelong habits

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Entrepreneurship Education

Through the Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan and the Communication on Education Redesign, the European Commission has highlighted the need to integrate business education into all

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Child Sexual Abuse

Protection of children against sexual exploitation and sexual abuse In order to disseminate and reinforce the implementation of the Council of Europe Treaty (Lanzarote Convention)

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