The Gender-RLE-Gender-SE project KA210-SCH-493C327F aims to promote gender equality and inclusion within education systems and learning environments across Europe. Partners in Germany, Turkey and Greece will develop standards, resources and training enabling educators to implement gender-responsive practices.


-Develop standards for gender equality in partner schools.

-Create checklists for inclusive learning environments.

-Offer MOOC training teachers in gender-sensitive teaching.

-Gain input from youth focus groups.

Expected outcomes:

  • Standards for gender equality in partner institutions
  • Checklists for gender-responsive classrooms
  • MOOC training teachers in gender-sensitive teaching
  • Youth focus groups providing recommendations

The project translates policy into practice through collaborative resource and skills development. With a focus on relationships and mindsets, it drives systemic change making education accessible regardless of gender. The vision is of schools where people of all genders thrive equitably through an understanding of inclusive practices.

Checklist for Gender-Responsive Learning Environments.