Psychological-social adjustment and learning of students of various national and cultural groups

In order to address the problems encountered in recent decades after the influx of immigrants in educational contexts in Europe and the US, experimental education models were elaborated and applied in order to smooth integration and psychological-social adjustment and learning of students of various national and cultural groups in the education systems of countries hosting migrants. The various forms of educational approaches are known with different definitions as multicultural, intercultural or antiracist education, education for diversity and citizenship, critical intercultural approach, education for equality and peace, global education, etc.

The seminar is aimed at teachers of every level and all those who work with young people and wish to learn about the educational practices and school programs for students of different national/cultural groups. It is designed to be a basic introduction, with children’s activities that are defined by age. There will be presented advices on the methodology and supporting guidance for those who wish to delve deeper into this topic. The educational approach of the courses emphasizes the practical rather than the theoretical level so that all the benefits of the seminar could be implied in the classroom.



The program aims to:

  • Enable teachers to an alternative education method for students, e.g. various national and cultural groups regarding parameters such as the type of school, age of students, the composition and size of the various groups, the time available for teachers, opinions, attitudes and skills of teachers.
  • Guide participants how to approach the diversity and similarity based on culture, while efforts will be made to raise awareness and reflection against every form of racism and social discrimination.
  • Strengthen the role of teachers in promoting students psychosocial adjustment.
  • Focus on prevention and implementation of intervention programs based on modern data and the use of counseling methods such as dialectical psychological counseling and counseling for the crisis management in the school community.
  • Strengthen teachers with tools and skills coping bullying, racist speech and racist consequences regardless of intent.

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