Schools are in a unique position to identify violent behavior among students early and to implement prevention strategies that affect the entire community. Teachers are in an interesting and often time sticky position when it comes to school violence. The position that they are in puts them at risk for much of the same abuse as children in our schools but it also has them in the role of protector for a good part of each day. While school violence is everyone’s problem, teachers are in a valuable position when it comes to spotting signs of a problem long before it escalates. They are also relied on by parents to help get through to the children when they’re at a loss and feel as if they’ve tried everything else. As an adult with the potential to gain a child’s trust, a teacher can be there for a child who may not feel like he or she can turn to anyone else. With the tools provided on this seminar educators   will be ready to deal with them and do their part in combating school violence from the unique and powerful position that they are in.


There are some things that a teacher can do to help combat school violence. While no one can control how things are going to go, they can help make some changes that might stop even one violent attack in a school. The focus of the course will be primary prevention with concrete information how to recognize the warning signs that could indicate a problem they can possibly do something to help before the problem escalates. Educators will get familiar with different types of violence and child abuse and will learn how to respond to these situations in a developmentally appropriate way to children.

Strengthening young people’s abilities to effectively solve difficulties that arise and their opportunities to participate in presocial activities can significantly reduce the risk for violence. School-based violence prevention programs have been proven to reduce rates of aggression and violent behavior among students.


For more information click here Prevention of Violence and Child Abuse

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