Every year in Europe thousands of young people leave school within their attendance without completing education initiated; a fact that leads to the consequence that there is no possibility of training, employment outlook and often leads to deadlock professional and social exclusion.

In this course we will initially highlight the role of the school in the treatment and prevention of dropouts and the contribution of school not only in learning, but also to the positive development and promotion of mental health of students. We will present the research data on school dropout in Europe and then we will focus on early, holistic, psycho- pedagogical interventions at primary level, which contribute to the integration, highlighting the role of cooperation and supportive relationship of the school and the family.

The course is designed to be a basic introduction to preventive actions in order to avoid creating the conditions that lead to the process of early school leaving and intervention at school level, individuals and families. It aims to present the applicable international main intervention models and countervailing measures that create new opportunities for those who prematurely abandoned school so they could be reintegrated in the education and training system.



The course will enable the training of teachers in streamlining material, in the production of complementary teaching material, as well as in smooth transition issues from one type of school to another, to avoid dropout “During the transition”.

There will be presented timely educational interventions, beginning early in the Primary school, before appearing the danger signs of leaving school and ways of activating the school community members to contribute positively to school involvement of students.

The seminar may include work and the use of specific techniques in the classroom, counseling in the classroom, in parents’ home or even in a street of the neighborhood. We will present approaches that are depending on the conditions under which the problems occur and on the temperament of the child. Finally, the important role of the school psychologist will be highlighted.


For more information click here Reducing Early School Leaving (PDF)