He Roscommon Youth Service 2 project KA152-YOU-4DF209E4 aims to provide opportunities for personal growth and learning to disadvantaged young people, including those with intellectual disabilities. Participants will travel to Ireland, Greece and Spain to gain exposure, build skills and broaden networks.


-Build confidence and independence in participants through new experiences.

-Develop language, digital, learning and interpersonal skills.

-Increase understanding of social inclusion, cultural diversity and European citizenship.

-Connect with other youth to share challenges and solutions.

-Gain knowledge of education, employment and youth work in other countries.


  • Increased confidence, independence and life skills in participants.
  • New networks and connections across countries.
  • Greater knowledge of social inclusion, culture, language and youth work abroad.
  • Exposure to opportunities and solutions applicable in local communities.

The project aligns with EU strategy on inclusion, diversity, education and youth. It aims to fully include disadvantaged young people in society by providing transformative experiences through international exchange. Opening minds and building competencies, the project helps participants reach their potential regardless of barriers like disability, isolation or economic disadvantage.