Metacognition is one of the latest psychological buzzwords which enables us to be successful learners, problem solvers, and decision makers, and has often been used synonymously with words such as language, awareness, and consciousness. Metacognition refers to “cognition about cognition”, “thinking about thinking”, or “knowing about knowing” and higher order thinking skills. In this course, we will examine various components of metacognition, including its role in learning and memory. During the workshop the participants will practice in experienced techniques as the main aim is the active participation, utilization of knowledge and experiences and the development of critical thinking and creativity.



  • develop an awareness of what is meant by the term ‘metacognition’
  • think about how metacognition can be further developed in the classroom
  • recognize the links between metacognition and effective learning
  • become familiar with strategies for helping students regulate, monitor, and guide their learning


For more information click here Thinking about thinking (PDF)