UPWORK Project: A Pioneering Initiative for Inclusive Vocational Training and Employment.

The UPWORK Project, funded under the Erasmus+ program (Project Code: 2023-1-DK01-KA220-VET-000158722), represents a significant stride towards enhancing vocational education and training (VET) for individuals with special needs (SN). OLOKLIROSI is honored to be a key participant in this transformative project, which aims to bridge the gap between vocational training and real-world employment opportunities for SN individuals.

Our Mission: UPWORK is dedicated to developing a digital curriculum tailored for VET professionals, alongside flexible training paths for SN learners, particularly in the event management and hospitality sectors. Our mission is to foster social inclusion and empower SN individuals, equipping them with the skills and competencies needed for meaningful employment.

Collaborative Effort: The project thrives on the collaborative efforts of a consortium of European partners, each contributing their own unique expertise. Our partners include FO-Aarhus (Denmark), Consorzio Scuola Comunità Impresa (Italy), GUREAK LANEAN (Spain), Fundacja Rozwoju Kwalifikacji STELLA VIRIUM (Poland) and Soro Tori (Italy). This diverse collaboration ensures a comprehensive and multifaceted approach to the project.

Outcomes and Impact: UPWORK is set to deliver a range of tangible and intangible outcomes. These include a compilation of best practices across Europe, a comprehensive set of content, statistics, and information highlighting the benefits of employing SN individuals, and a media-based advertising campaign to raise awareness among potential employers. A key outcome is the development of a micro-credential system that will recognize the competencies of learners in the event management and hospitality sectors, enhancing their employability.

Our Commitment: As part of the UPWORK project, OLOKLIROSI is committed to driving change and fostering a more inclusive workforce. We are dedicated to the success of this project and to making a lasting impact in the field of vocational education and employment for SN individuals.

Stay Informed: We invite you to stay informed about the UPWORK project’s progress, insights, and success stories. Follow our updates on our website and social media channels as we work towards transforming lives and reshaping the future of vocational education for individuals with special needs.

Together, through the UPWORK project, we are not just training individuals; we are building a more inclusive, diverse, and skilled workforce for the future.