Vocational Education and Training

Mobility project for VET learners and staff

VET mobility has a clear value in helping young people open up their minds, widen their social, professional and transversal skills and develop a taste for innovation and initiative and a sense of European citizenship. Our main goal is to promote educational and training programs, both in European and International level, aiming to develop skills, human resources and improving the labor market.

That way our VET projects are framed into a strategic approach of the participating organizations (aimed at modernizing and internationalizing their mission). We can host VET learners and accompanying staff in the stunning island of Crete for the agreed time (minimum two weeks) and provide them transportation, convenient and affordable accommodation, cultural programs, and high level job placement in a variety of fields such as

Business & Administration

business administrative services, marketing, office management, retail management, entrepreneurship, economy, analysis.


computer networking, computer programming, computer repair, information technology, computer science.


food preparation, culinary arts, food preparation, pastry arts and Creative Mediterranean cuisine.

Hospitality & Tourism

hospitality management & services.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management


Smart homes-Smart appliances

Our organization cooperates with the most important companies of Crete, offering an ideal experience that combines job placement and education in unique environments, so that we ensure that the learning outcomes of participating staff are properly recognized and that the learning outcomes are disseminated and widely used within the organization.

The program includes:

  1. Transfer to and from the airport
  2. Full board accommodation
  3. Work orientation sessions, tutoring
  4. Cultural activities, school visits
  5. Monitoring and evaluation
  6. Certification & Europass Mobility
  7. Vocational English if needed

Program for the VET projects

1st Day – starting day of the project, arrival of the participants to Heraklion .

  • Welcoming the group upon arrival.
  • Show the participants useful places including accommodation, the city center and main places.

2nd Day – Introductory meeting with Oloklirosi – the hosting organization.

Opening of the course and socio-cultural preparation.

The program for the rest of the days of the 1st week includes:

  • Presentation of the participants to the companies.
  • Meeting with the tutors – Introduction to the specific subjects of each field.
  • Seminar hours “towards a competitive market”.
  • School visits
  • Interviews with institutions in Heraklion (accompanying the participants to the professional visits and translate from Greek to English).

The program for the 2nd and the rest weeks includes:

  • Work placement in the institution in Heraklion.
  • Regular meetings between participants and Oloklirosi.
  • Cultural events.
  • Organize monitoring meetings with participants every week during the whole stay.
  • Monitoring visits with the companies to check the work placement.

Airport pickup

Oloklirosi will order a minibus for the transport of participants from the airport to their accommodation. The same procedure will apply for the participants’ departure.

In case you do not need our pick up service, we will help you with all transport information.

Local Transport

Participants will receive all the required tickets and cards to use on all public transport during the stay in Heraklion.


The participants will be accommodated in shared apartments/houses in the center of the town. You will be given further information about the apartments before arrival date.


If contractually agreed, participants will be given an allowance (the amount is up to mutual agreement) to buy meals for themselves.

The project coordinator will give the participants useful information and recommendations concerning the catering possibilities.

Job placement

  • Oloklirosi is able to provide a job placement in any required field corresponding to project objectives and the participant’s past experience, skills and linguistic ability (the working language at work placement will be English).
  • Oloklirosi will cooperate with coordinating the organization on creation and the elaboration of the work plan for each participant. We will organize interviews and the introduction of participants to the companies of their practice
  • Before the start of the work placement, each participant will be accompanied by the project coordinator to visit their work placement’s institution, where they will meet the staff and discuss the kind of work he/she will be expected to do. At this meeting, a work plan will be defined for each participant. Participants will be expected to work the same hours as permanent staff, a normal working week is approximately 40 hours in all sectors of activity.
  • If necessary, Oloklirosi will arrange work placements to be changed in order to better suit the needs and wishes of each participant.

Language courses

We are offering English language courses for all levels. The progress of students is evaluated through final tests.

Socio-cultural Preparation

This preparation is aimed at helping people adapt to a foreign cultural environment and providing them with practical information about life in Heraklion and inform them about all cultural and tourist attractions in Heraklion.

Monitoring, Evaluating, Administration

Oloklirosi organizes regular meetings and individual discussion with participants in order to successfully monitor the progress of the program. Oloklirosi regularly sends reports about the development of the part of the project to the sending organization.


The participants receive three different kinds of certificates.

  • The first certificate is issued by the company where the work placement has been carried out, and includes details about the tasks and responsibilities undertaken by the participants while on the placement.
  • The second certificate is made out by OLOKLIROSI confirming the participant’s successful completion of the language course.
  • The third certification is the Europass mobility document. OLOKLIROSI will cooperate actively with sending organization in the issuing of this document.